Whether you know it or not AV is part of your everyday. We help organisations make the best technology decisions in order for them to teach, reach, collaborate and share ideas. It’s simple, because we make sure it is.



Company founded by Kevin Chatfield Became the sole distributor of AMX in Australia and New Zealand - Autopatch Distribution Secured
-AMX Distributor of the Year
- First Dealer Conference
1st Service Centre Opened outside of USA Operations were moved to Gold Coast New Zealand Office opened - AMX University opened
- Introduced a number of brands to ANZ
Rebranded to AMX Australia & NZ Office opened in Melbourne Office opened in Sydney Purchase Sydney, Auckland and Melbourne Offices - Office opened in Perth
- Took on distribution for AKG, BSS, CROWN, JBL in Enterprise sectors
Rebranded to avt - Started distribution of AdMobilize, Minrray, PanaCast, and Utelogy
- Launched first avt products, Mezzo and COWS by avt
- Started distribution of Tripleplay
- Expanded Harman Audio distribution within integration sector
  • Our team

  • Graham Evans


    Fostering connections is my native genius, I focus on nurturing authentic and sustained relationships in all facets of my life. My energy and pursuit for genuine personal connections, drives me to engage, understand, coach and challenge individuals, teams and partners to achieve their own success.
    I’m a natural problem solver who is committed to finding solutions but I don’t profess to have all the answers. Instead I prefer to empower those around me to challenge conventional thinking and discover new approaches. Innovation repeatedly presents itself when customer experience is the focal point of their discovery.
    Building positive physical and virtual environments in which teams are able to strive to achieve their goals is particularly rewarding.
    Continuous learning drives me, I love to read and I am inspired by many authors such as Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Richard Branson, Liz Wiseman, Mandy Johnson and Napoleon Hill.
    When I’m not in the office or in the air travelling, you’ll find me lost inside a great business book somewhere on a beach, with an antipasto platter, a bottle of good wine and surrounded by the people I care about most in life. I am an extremely proud father of 2 incredible young men, the husband to an amazing and supportive wife, and my “family first” values have guided me continuously throughout my life and my career.

  • Scott Pyke

    GM - Operations

    Passionate about working flexibly and creating an agile environment, I am the go to guy that will get the job done and get the desired outcome.
    My ability to work myself into a role, understand it, improve it, and work myself out of the role has given me a great deal of insight into the operation of avt across all departments. I use this insight to strategically plan and offer creativity and innovation to provide the company with a high level of value in my operational role.
    Ensuring we deliver on our promise of customer service excellence is my key focus; ensuring we go beyond delivery of a product and provide true service. The team at avt provide deep expertise across the range of AV technology and always stand side by side to do whatever it takes to deliver to the customer’s expectations. We work proactively with our partners to ensure they and the end user avoid any risks or pitfalls.
    It seems my love for the tech industry is contagious with my son undertaking study towards and IT/Business career, whilst my daughter is the creative type. My other love is fitness, me being a mad keen mountain biker and running a PT business with my wife in the past.

  • Graham Barrett

    Strategic Partnerships & Innovation

    Having spent over 30 years AV industry, I have a deep understanding of the value that technology can deliver in a workplace or teaching environment. My focus is on being able to translate that technology requirement into a business outcome.

    My heavy engagement with Harman as the Australian rep on the Product Council enables me to influence and understand the future roadmap of AV technology and the related strategies.

    I’m passionate about what I do, and am fortunate to work with an equally passionate team at avt, and what I consider the best people of the industry in one group.

    avt is in the unique position of representing the manufacturer, whilst being an independent Australian owned entity with the flexibility to move with market demands. This combined with leveraging a deep expertise in technology means we are customer focused – solving customers’ problems through technology, supported by customer service excellence.

    When I’m not doing business at all sorts of weird times across various time zones, you’ll find me playing drums in a blues band. I’ve been writing original music with the band for the last 15 years and we just finished our first album. It takes time to create something great ok, just like a fine wine, as further evidenced by my marriage of 21 years (and 2 children).

    Due to my connections in the industry I have access to a lot of interesting information which I post about regularly on LinkedIn, so I invite you to follow me. If anything of interest catches your eye, or you’d like to catch up for a chat, or a glass (or 3) of red, I’m happy to do so – just send me an email.

  • Nicolette Minnie

    Strategic Marketing Manager

    A natural story teller, I thrive on effectively communicating the customer experience that avt’s products and services offer. With many years’ marketing experience in the audio visual industry, I’ve seen the evolution of technology over the last decade and am excited for what’s to come.
    Having worked in both the European and Australian markets, I am able to communicate strategic customer solutions to best suit regional idiosyncrasies.
    I strongly believe in avt as a dynamic and innovative provider of technology solutions, and know that the delivery of product and services is driven by the desire to provide the ultimate customer experience.
    avt prides itself on speed of execution which keeps the marketing department on its toes, and as a mother of 3, being on my toes certainly extends to all aspects of my life.
    I enjoy spending time with my family, neighbourhood friends and community groups I am involved with.

  • Priscila Sebastiao

    Finance, Sales Admin & Logistics

    The value of having a financial controller is not in having the ‘bookkeeper’ – it is in having the one source of truth for the company in terms of data.
    Being part of the leadership team, I have the chance to learn more about other departments, to really support them and ensure the success of avt as we stand together. I have worked to ensure that all departments are now aligned with finance to ensure data and reporting consistency.
    Personally, and as a company, we try our very best to find the best outcome for everybody. Working closely with financial controllers in our partner organisations, in line with our company values, I work flexibly and with a sense of urgency to deliver valuable customer service.
    When I’m not analysing data, writing reports and managing teams you can find me spending time with my family and a group of close friends who also have kids, doing kid friendly stuff. I don’t really have a hobby as such unless you count studying for the CPA….does making cocktails count?

  • Kenyon Page

    Solutions Engineering

    I’m a thinker who is strategic in the way I operate. I understand the technology side of a solution, but am able to message that in a way that is appropriate for our customers.
    I have a strong understanding of the value proposition of networked AV solutions and their growing relevance in today’s market. Additionally, I have a strong understanding of the network infrastructure and can therefore talk to IT managers and network engineers about how networked AV is implemented and what is involved.
    I believe that technology innovation solves a customer’s technical problem, but people buy from avt because they have a business problem they need to solve. That’s what avt does really well – being able to create strong integrated solutions that are a good answer to a customer’s problem.
    From a distributor perspective, avt have every tool in the tool box and are able to integrate that and offer it to a customer. No one can do to the same level that we do.
    My strong interest in innovation and all things engineering is not just limited to the workplace. It’s an enormous passion of mine. I enjoy developing products and solutions, and seeing an opportunity and going and creating it. Along with this, my wife and I spend a lot time supporting our 3 kids, including our 2 special needs children, and advocating for them through groups such as Epilepsy QLD.

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