Human Generated Data

AdMobilize software allows you to understand people, crowds and objects in real time with any camera. Access the smart metrics through data visualisation or API to derive business intelligence to enhance organisational performance and efficiency.

  • Audience Metrics

  • Crowd Metrics

Audience Metrics

  • Count
  • Views
  • Dwell time
  • Gaze thru rate
  • Gender
  • Age Range
  • Emotion
  • Direction

Crowd Metrics

  • People Count
  • Views
  • Detection Zones
  • Pedestrian Traffic Direction

Understanding room utilisation

By analysing room usage behaviour and trends, and cross referencing data with other sources of information such as tutorial and lecture schedules, you can identify which rooms are fit for which purpose.

This enables you to maximise use of each room by improving planned room allocation and ad-hoc collaboration availability, ensuring maximum return of investment on valuable real estate. AdMobilize will remove the need for you to walk from room to room, building to building, to see if rooms are being utilised as per the schedule. AdMobilize will equip you with real time accurate data that has not been available before.

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Understanding audience engagement & satisfaction

Utilise AdMobilize to understand audiences emotions and focus to determine engagement levels, giving you a fact-based understanding of which courses, teaching styles and/or presentations are performing well.

Additionally, by analysing demographic data you will receive an in-depth understanding of attendees providing you with the ability to tailor content, and marketing strategy, accordingly. With AdMobilze you can identify dwell time, gaze thru rate, gender, age range and the following human emotions: Anger, Disgust, Confused, Happy, Sad, Surprised, Calm.

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Future proof investments

Ensuring the right infrastructure is in place and that your organisation is operating efficiently and safely allows you to maintain the highest levels of service for stakeholders and students.

Highlighting the need for additional capacity can be difficult. Stakeholders may be crying out for more collaborative lecture theatres, active learning spaces or blended classrooms, with data generated through the use of AdMobilize software they will be able to add weight to their requests. AdMobilize enables your team to continue to grow and evolve as a department. You will be better equipped with information on your facilities. Deploying this technology will help mould your organisation for the future, which stands to reap the benefits from improved knowledge and even lowered costs.

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