Imagine a meeting space where visiting and in-room devices work alongside each other without complication

Visiting devices can seamlessly receive full use of room technology, and then hand control back to the room afterwards – automatically!

The AMX Connectivity & Transport (CT) Kits are an all-inclusive auto switching, scaling, and distance transport solution that include both the transmitter and receiver.

The Conference Kit ads USB 2.0 content device switching for dynamic sharing of room USB devices. Simply connect a visiting device to the transmitter, the room display/projector is automatically turned on, and the signal is transmitted and scaled for optimal viewing.

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Presentation Connectivity and Transport Kit

The Presentation Connectivity and Transport kit was designed to address the needs of simple presentation environments.

This Includes 4K switching at the table, transport over category cable and additional connectivity at the receiver for an AMX Acendo Core or a room PC at the receiver, as well as scaling and output to the display. The receivers built-in scaling allows the display to receive content in its native resolution regardless of the source.

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Conferencing Connectivity and Transport Kit

The Conferencing Connectivity and Transport kit was created to target web conferencing solutions where cameras, microphones, and other USB devices are installed in the room.

The solution combines multi-format 4K60 video switching, scaling and distance transport with USB 2.0 peripheral switching. This allows dynamic sharing of room USB peripherals such as an AMX Acendo Vibe between visiting laptops, etc., and permanently installed devices such as an Acendo Core or room PC. This ensures excellent sound and visuals for guests whether they are using installed equipment or bringing their own devices.

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