Audio Networking Simplified

BSS and Crown feature products that include native BSS BLU-Link, Dante™/AES67, AVB and CobraNet® audio transport technologies. They can be programmed and controlled through HARMAN HiQnet Audio Architect™ software. By combining this range of audio transport solution options, users have incredible flexibility to choose the right product to solve the requirements of almost any job.


Soundweb London

Soundweb London is the flagship product line of digital signal processors for installed sound applications. Soundweb London performs 3 core functions for audio signals:

  • Processing
  • Control
  • Distribution

Here’s how it works from a high level:
A programmer downloads and installs free software onto a windows based PC. Either London Architect or Audio Architect can be used.
Soundweb London devices have “Open Architecture” DSP, meaning their internal signal path is 100% customisable with an extensive menu of audio processing objects.

These processing objects allow the audio signals to be manipulated in a variety of ways by the programmer who can then connect the processing objects together using virtual wires from a custom block diagram.

Once the block diagram is loaded to the device, the Soundweb London will receive, process and transmit audio according to the block diagram.
Additionally from that point on, end users can control the Soundweb London using a wide variety of controllers:

  • Windows-based PC’s running free software from HARMAN
  • iOS devices running the “HiQnet Montion Control” app
  • Ethernet and Serial based 3rd party control systems such as AMX
  • Ethernet-based wall controllers from BSS
  • Push button located on the front and rear of the device
  • The 12 buttons found on any phone capable of making DTMF tones
  • Automatic control based on a schedule
  • And you can even use the amplitude of audio signals as a control language for Soundweb London

The block diagram and system of controllers can be as simple or as elaborate as needed with Soundweb London.

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Soundweb Contrio

The Soundweb Contrio platform and its two initial products, the Contrio server and Contrio wall controller range, are the first within the Soundweb Contrio family that will ultimately provide enhanced system control capability and audio routing flexibility for a variety of applications.

Significantly, these and all future Soundweb Contrio products will be backward compatible with existing BSS Audio Soundweb London devices, providing the widest and most comprehensive choice of audio processing, distribution and control devices available in a single system solution today.

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Conferencing Processors

BSS Conferencing Processors manage all sources, automate microphone mixing and provide acoustic echo cancellation ensuring the meeting is clear and effective. Audio can be routed, optimized over USB, and fine-tuned for your JBL or other loudspeakers in the room, making it perfect for web conferencing using the AMX Acendo Core or BYOD applications.

Featuring a web-server interface accessible from any device connected on the network, choose from commonly used audio design templates to eliminate the need for custom programming from scratch, thereby saving time, money and effort on common use cases for audio processing such as conference rooms, boardrooms and classrooms.

To further streamline integration, BSS Conferencing Processors include built-in microphone tunings and JBL speaker tuning presets, offering simple, IT-centric configuration. AMX networked AV encoder syncing is also available to ensure audio and video signals are perfectly aligned for an optimal experience without any manual setup. These features allow integrators to easily design and configure rooms with minimal complexity.

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