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Used as separate components or as a customized unified solution avt’s suite of products help organisations solve technology pains to enable a perfect and adaptable technology experience.

Corporate Technology Solutions

Smart technology solutions drive connectivity and productivity for your office space. It is vital to choose a solution that will serve not only today’s requirements but has the capability to evolve and be effective in the long term.

avt’s meeting room solutions provide a native and familiar experience to its users and the IT administrators.

Collaboration SpaceCollaboration SpaceFocused on the optimal working group of 4-6 people, these spaces are like a multi-person desk. With each participant able to easily share and comment on their work, collaboration spaces supercharge your productivity.
Conferencing SuiteConferencing SuiteMany teams may be spread across the country or the globe. Providing a focused meeting room that enables remote participants to share without the limits of distance is essential.
BoardroomBoardroomThe board's time is at a premium and when they come together it's imperative that they can use this time as effectively as possible. Sharing content easily and being able to include remote participants are key needs.
Staff Amenities / InformalStaff Amenities / InformalModern workspaces have less dedicated personal space, but the benefit has been an increase in social / shared space quality. While they may not look like workspaces, sometimes meetings sprout on the spot from informal discussion.
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