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Maritime New Zealand deploys SVSI

The Brief

Maritime NZ have an extremely important role: Their purpose is to ensure that all maritime activities are carried out safely, with minimal impact on the environment and on the nation’s security, The RCCNZ provides search and rescue services to the 3rd largest area in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, which is why it is imperative that they have the best technology to support them 24/7.

Maritime NZ were undergoing a relocation with the initial brief being to relocate the 10-year-old system which was no longer under warranty. This quickly morphed into the need to upgrade to a newer technology system that was scalable, flexible, reliable and that could adapt to the varied needs of Maritime NZ.

The case study looks into why SVSI was chosen as the best solution for the project and highlights the adaptability and flexibility of the solution. It explores the reason behind the choice to use SVSI over other traditional av solutions, why Asnet Technologies put forward SVSI to be used in this project and to look at its flexibility, scalability and future proof nature of as a solution offering. This was also one of the first SVSI deployments in New Zealand.

The Solution

Asnet Technologies were brought in initially to look into the relocation of the existing system within the new Risk Coordination Centre, after evaluating the risks involved with moving an aged system that was no longer under warranty they then explored a refreshed system solution that was scalable and could adapt to the future developments of Maritime NZ, that solution being SVSI.

SVSI offered benefit in terms of a fast installation taking only 3 days to deploy which worked within the tight time frame required so that the risk coordination centre was never offline due to Maritimes time critical nature, SVSI made it easy to display key information across multiple locations, flexibility to switch any input to any output across IP and there is considerable value for expansion in the future.

Product Code
AMX by Harman
Minimal Compression 1080p60 Video over I
AMX by Harman
Minimal Compression 1080p60 Video over I
AMX by Harman
Minimal Compression 1080p60 Video over I
AMX by Harman
Cage 2RU 6 N-Series Card Units
AMX by Harman
Audio over IP Transceiver Card
AMX by Harman
N-Series Controller for Unlimited Users/Devices

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