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Used as separate components or as a customized unified solution avt’s suite of products help universities and schools solve technology pains to enable a perfect and adaptable technology experience.

Education Technology Solutions

Education is changing, and traditional learning environments are being replaced with intuitive and seamless technology solutions. It is vital to choose a solution that will serve not only today’s requirements but has the capability to evolve and be effective in the long term.

avt’s learning environment solutions provide a native and familiar experience to its users and the IT administrators.

Lecture TheatreLecture TheatreAllowing the maximum number of students to share a learning experience, these spaces are focused on sharing of knowledge. Lecturers rely on a variety of visual presentation methods and clear audio to convey their thinking.
ClassroomClassroomEnabling a group of students to learn together with a teacher in a focused environment, classrooms depend on the ability to share images and associated sound.
Informal CollaborationInformal CollaborationLearning doesn't end when you leave the classroom. Today, students are just as focused in small groups working on collaborative tasks and they need spaces that respond to this. Frictionless sharing of content is a must!
Flexible / Flipped LearningFlexible / Flipped LearningFacilitating the highest levels of engagement and collaboration between students and lecturers, flexible or flipped learning spaces focus on the ability for anyone to share content, anywhere in the room.
Case StudiesCase Studies

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