Harman Professional Training by avt

Expand your skillset and gain up-to-date knowledge of the Harman portfolio. Training made simple

Harman Professional courses aren’t just for field technicians, they can also be beneficial to sales and support roles in the AV industry.

avt have been providing Harman Professional Training since 1997; giving AV professionals the opportunity to join one of our accredited trainers for vocational face-to-face training, get hands-on with the latest equipment and learn how to design, program and configure various AV systems.

Online courses

HARMAN Professional University offers the training and certifications needed to plan, design, install, program, and configure HARMAN Professional products accurately and effectively.

There is a range of on-demand and instructor-led courses on offer; whether you are just starting out in the AV industry or an industry veteran, the Harman Training portal has a training course for you.

Classroom courses

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