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Understanding People’s Attention, Demographic & Emotions in Real Time

June 27, 2018

Who comes onto campus? Are they engaged? How are these patterns changing? All very good questions, yet without the technology to capture the hard data, universities have relied on feedback and focus groups to make decisions on what’s needed in the future.

Data is an invaluable source of insight for universities today. Using data extensively to inform your strategic decision-making, allows you to make more informed decisions, targeting resources where they are most needed.

avt sought out AdMobilize, providing universities the opportunity to understand audience’s emotions and focus, along with people count and demographic information in a deidentified way. Determining engagement levels assist in understanding which courses, teaching styles and/or presentations are engaging from the student’s perspective. Universities while primarily focused on Learning, Teaching, and Research, also play a role in engaging with the community.

With many community facing facilities, AdMobilize gives you an in-depth understanding of the type of demographics of the community engaging with your institution. Content and marketing strategies can then be tailored to the appropriate audience, be they toddlers, school groups, students or parents.

In the era of technology advancement, AdMobilize provides people count, demographic and engagement data, allowing the institution to tailor experiences based on real time data.

Dr Gordon Howell
Strategic Customer Experience – Education

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