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Visualising or Consuming Data to Enhance your Decision Making

June 27, 2018

When you think of a university you picture grand heritage, world class structures, and leading technology. Australia and New Zealand have always been at the forefront of technology adoption and this is reflected in Tertiary education. With the changes in course delivery from the traditional lecture to now include flipped learning, on-line courses, live feeds, pre-recorded lectures, and collaborative learning, the ability to plan for the appropriate mix of university spaces has been a major challenge for facility planners, technology providers and educators.

Traditionally, the university staff would walk around the campus manually counting the number of students. With thousands of rooms to monitor, universities were at a loss as no technology existed to collect data on room utilisation or the appropriates of the room for the activity.

avt noticed this gap in the market and sought out a simple solution called Admobilize. Admobilize software allows you to analyse people’s activity over time to identify trends and patterns. By room usage behaviour, trends and cross-referencing data with other sources of information such as tutorial and lecture schedules, you can identify the room’s utilisation and which whether they are fit for purpose.

Dr Gordon Howell
Strategic Customer Experience – Education

Understanding People’s Attention, Demographic & Emotions in Real Time
By Gordon Howell
AETM Conference 2018
By avt

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