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Used as separate components or as a customized unified solution avt’s suite of products help governments solve technology pains to enable a perfect and adaptable technology experience.

Government Technology Solutions

The business of government is underpinned by communication whether for debate, delivery of justice or discussion with foreign governments. It is vital to choose a solution that not only includes high levels of security but will serve today’s requirements with the capability to evolve and be effective in the long term.

avt’s government solutions provide a native and familiar experience to its users and the IT administrators.

Parliament ChambersParliament ChambersThe chamber is the most public face of any government and provides the forum for debate of key issues. It's essential that every member can clearly hear - and be heard - as debate progresses.
CourthouseCourthouseTrials today rely on AV technology to present evidence and record the testimony of witnesses. Increasingly, it is likely that one or more participants may also be in a remote location, relying on conferencing to participate.
Briefing RoomBriefing RoomThe briefing room is often the location for the most important issues facing a nation, with implications on national security, the economy and the population's welfare. Clear, effective relay of information is essential.
Case StudiesCase Studies

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