Take the guesswork out of your sound installation

No matter the size of our venue; from a small hall, gym, to a theatre, nightclub or a large stadium, get an accurate prediction of the real-world acoustics in your venue. Our team of experts can provide you with an acoustic design consultation using state of the art leading technology software and years of experience

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Our team of experts

Benjamin Page
HARMAN Brand Ambassador

With over 30 years in Professional Live Performance audio delivery, Benjamin understands the evolution of audio technology and its impact on the industry. Striving to produce ultimate audio delivery in every situation. Benjamin’s experience gives him a broad comprehension of real world applications and the ability to create solutions with efficiency and ingenuity.


Paul Dabrowski
Solutions Architect

22 years in the audio industry, Paul brings our customers a greater understanding of the overall audio system design and its functionality from an end user perspective. As a problem solver, Paul strives to understand how systems work, in order to make them work better for our clients.


Luke Parkyn
Solutions Specialist

Coming from 15 years in the audio-visual industry with a Master’s in Audio and Acoustics, Luke brings a diverse range of skills. Results orientated, Luke is driven to pursue new opportunities or technologies as a way to help our clients solve audio problems, delivering expertly designed system packages that reflect high definition audio.


Andrew Taylor
Solutions Architect

Coming from 18 years in the audio industry, Andrew brings a deep understanding to audio design and solutions. Intensely determined, Andrew continuously searches for new possibilities, especially when trying to solve complex problems, helping clients choose the right solutions.


Benefits of an acoustic design consultation

This is a great way to explore various options and evaluate what works and what doesn’t to
ensure you have the best quality sound for your space.

Become aware of
obstacles that would
remain without

Determine where
dead spots may
occur – remove those

Analyse & solve
acoustic problems
before they arise,
saving time & money

Provide an analysis
of what equipment
suits what space

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