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Used as separate components or as a customized unified solution avt’s suite of products help clinics solve technology pains to enable a perfect and adaptable technology experience.

Healthcare Technology Solutions

The use of AV technology in healthcare has led to radical improvements and innovation in clinical process, whether enabling remote diagnosis by specialists or keyhole surgery. It is vital to choose a solution that is not only reliable but will serve today’s requirements with the capability to evolve and be effective in the long term.

avt’s healthcare solutions provide a native and familiar experience to its users and the IT administrators.

Case Studies

With locations throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia, explore a range of case studies about avt technology solutions that offer useful reflections and outcomes from both large and small scaled healthcare digital transformations.

Must See

AMX Touch Panels are control interfaces that allow you to interact with the technology via a table or wall mounted configuration. The touch panel’s graphical user interface (GUI) is customisable to suit your unique requirements. To review some examples of GUI customisation in the government sector, please select the GUI demo.

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