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Used as separate components or as a customized unified solution avt’s suite of products help clinics solve technology pains to enable a perfect and adaptable technology experience.

Healthcare Technology Solutions

The use of AV technology in healthcare has led to radical improvements and innovation in clinical process, whether enabling remote diagnosis by specialists or keyhole surgery. It is vital to choose a solution that is not only reliable but will serve today’s requirements with the capability to evolve and be effective in the long term.

avt’s healthcare solutions provide a native and familiar experience to its users and the IT administrators.

Operating TheatreOperating TheatreThe operating theatre is virtually a TV studio today with the ability for the surgeon to see inside their patient via medical systems or communicate with remote colleagues via conferencing systems.
Simulation EnvironmentSimulation EnvironmentSimulation facilities help to ensure each carer is fully prepared for their real life role in a hospital. The AV technology not only simulates that which they will encounter in the hospital, it also enables communication with trainers and recording for later review.
Case StudiesCase Studies

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