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March 24, 2016

The genesis of avt almost 30 years ago was as a systems integrator, taking innovative technology and integrating it to create inspirational environments.  Today, as a distributor of technology, this heritage uniquely positions avt to fully understand the requirements of our partners designing, deploying, managing & maintaining these environments.  As an integral part of the Harman family, we leverage an unparalleled range of world-class technology, intrinsic understanding & deep expertise as well as the best people to ensure our partners can achieve their goals of efficient, effective and inspiring outcomes wherever people work, educate, govern, protect or care.


Innovation lies at the heart of everything we do at avt.  From our continuous engagement with all layers of the industry and end-user community across our key vertical markets, to identifying key technology requirements and ensuring these form part of the Harman roadmap, to innovative, industry leading support techniques & accessibility and an effective and empowered team, we are always challenging both ourselves and our industry to advance.  Our concentrated focus on technology in the effective utilisation of meeting, learning and presentation spaces together with extensive engagement with the users of these solutions both locally and internationally has allowed us to identify industry trends and be first-to-market with many innovative solutions. We continue to invest in the people, time and focus to deliver true innovation.  HARMAN

The best products and most innovative applications are however only as good as the support that underpins them.  From humble beginnings to today’s vast array of highly trained and experienced tech-support staff, dedicated field service engineers to diagnose and resolve issues in the field, a component-level hardware repair facility providing warranty and non-warranty repairs and extensive classroom & online training courses, avt has built an enviable reputation for delivering customer service excellence in all areas of our support operation.


Technology is constantly evolving and with this comes ever-shifting challenges. Investing in the right people, processes and engagement, we strive for continuous improvement in all areas of our support operation to ensure we have an answer for every new challenge.

In 30 years much has changed, including most recently our brand, but many things remain the same.  Our passion for the technology and the outcomes it can deliver, our dedication to support and advance our industry and our belief that our people are the key to our success are the foundations on which avt has been built and these remain our core values today. To learn more about how avt can help you achieve your goals please contact any member of our team.

GBGraham Barrett | Product Management

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