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Delivering Classroom AV with only Data and Power

December 4, 2017

When working on the now hundreds of large and small SVSI Networked AV deployments across Australia & New Zealand since we launched the range back in 2015, we have seen a myriad of benefits for the partners involved such as cost saving, simplicity, flexibility, expandability and supportability.  When QUT came to us to help them design their next generation Digital Teaching Station they had a different problem they were hoping to solve.

As one of the fastest-growing Universities in the country and region, QUT’s aggressive expansion program is delivering new buildings on all major campuses as well as refurbishing existing facilities.  The Learning Environments & Technology Services (LETS) team at QUT have been on the forefront of classroom technology standardisation for some years with their ‘building blocks’ approach but the demands to provide the information required for their colleagues in the Facilities group to deliver the required specialist AV cabling such as HDBaseT, HDMI, mic & speaker runs were impacting the ability to meet the project schedules.

Additionally, like many organisations QUT are continually adapting to changes in demands for space.  In some cases, a room allocated to offices at project design time will be required to be re-purposed to teaching by the time a new building fit out is being completed.  Again, the requirement to retrofit custom cabling so the AV required for teaching meant delay and complexity at the time a project could afford it least.

So QUT reached out to avt with a simple question.  Can our standard AMX AV capability that we have deployed in hundreds of teaching spaces be delivered with the only infrastructure being power and data and without adding significantly to the cost?  Enter the SVSI N1000 series encoders and decoders and N4321 audio interface.  As you can see in the attached QUT design, the SVSI hardware allows all key AV components to be connected to and all audio, video and control signals pass over the QUT converged network.  Post a successful POC and deployment in 16 rooms in 2016, QUT adopted this design as their standard \ and by start of teaching 2018 will have close to 100 SVSI-based Digital Teaching systems in service.

The key outcome for the QUT LETS team is the ability to quickly specify the infrastructure requirements for AV in any space by simply detailing power and data is to be provided at any location a teaching station, display, projector, hearing assistance system or other AV component or system will be located in a nominated teaching space.  Once the building is handed over to QUT their AV Integrators simply ‘wheel in’ the standard pre-configured AV building blocks, install the various components and connect them to the provided data and power. The same approach applies to spaces that ‘might’ become teaching spaces in their life with the infrastructure in place allowing the flexibility to simply and quickly deploy teaching AV as and when required.

For more information on the QUT solution or other innovative ways avt can help you solve problems and deliver greater value in your AV deployments please contact your avt representative.

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