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Embracing change through Agile ways of working

March 24, 2016

“Change is the only constant”; that old cliché is brought up time and time again by all levels of the organisation and indeed our industry. If we accept this quote as a given, and change is indeed a constant, then we need to consider ways in which we can be better organised to ensure that we can deliver change. This is where Agile ways of working fit in nicely.

But what exactly is “Agile”? The definition of Agile is somewhat elusive and is often referred to as “An alternative to traditional project management”. However, the problem we face when implementing change largely has nothing to do with project management, processes or technology, but with people. Agile is just a framework, which has at its core “action, inspection and adaptation” on the work that we must do and the way in which we organise ourselves to do this work.


In fact, the core principle of Agile is that there is more value in responding to change over following a plan, and that individuals and interactions are more important than processes and tools. That isn’t to say that planning and processes are thrown out the window with Agile. The belief is that everything is driven by change and people, and planning and processes are part of the change.

At avt we have adopted Agile throughout much of our organisation.


Today more than half of our organisation applies an Agile way of working to deliver outstanding outcomes as part of their day-to-day work. We’ve applied Agile to areas such as customer service and support, operations, marketing, finance and our team of product specialists. Our flagship event, beyondAMX16, was underpinned by an Agile approach. The vision of this event could not be achieved by following a plan. Rather the question of ‘How to lead our industry by creating an inspirational event that will connect people, content, and technology?’ drove us to constantly invite and promote creativity and constant change to deliver on this outcome.

avt’s purpose is to lead our industry and to advance our people and partners, and through the adoption of Agile we believe that we are living our purpose every day. We work with our people and our partners to better understand how we can embrace change to better deliver customer service excellence. If you would like to learn more about our Agile adoption, have suggestions on how we can further improve our service and support of you through changing and improving our offering, or you would like to discuss more about Agile ways of working, we would love to hear from you.

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