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March 24, 2016

We are emerging, like a beautiful butterfly from the ugly chrysalis. No, I’m not talking about our re-brand, rather, the industry as a whole as we step out from the darkened operations rooms and equipment closets, blinking against the bright light of a world’s focus.

Audio Visual (AV) technology has been around for decades, playing a supporting role for many an endeavour and now with new innovations in our industry AV is set to take the main stage – literally. Once, highly specialist, highly priced and available only for the most critical application, now it is embraced everywhere, in every type of building, for every application.

If the 90s and 00s were the decades when computers and computing came to the fore, this is our time. The world uses our solutions to push through the next challenges of innovation and complexity to achieve great things in the business world, medical sphere, education system and in science. Our technology can elevate existing presentations and allow people to truly ‘experience’ a written subject matter, providing innovative solutions help to create more engaging presentations, immersive learning and make meetings more interesting and compelling to attendees.

It is a time of outstanding opportunity, but as anyone knows opportunity has a four-letter counterpart, risk. We have the chance to take centre stage, but already the competition is shaping up in the IT sphere as they recognise our potential. We know the challenges of bringing a seamless, intuitive, cost-effective solution to our clients, but we must not allow these to be barriers – we must find the way to make our solutions utterly compelling to clients. Part of that challenge is clearly understanding and expressing the true benefits these solutions deliver.

What problems are we solving for our clients?

How are we making their operations more efficient?

Where can our solutions increase their productivity or save them money?

It’s questions like these that we ask ourselves every day and seek to communicate in every message, meeting, event or video that we are involved with. Whether you are already on the journey to truly meeting your clients’ operational needs or are just starting out, please do talk with us today about how we can help and together delight people with the simplicity of solution we can achieve.

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