• Architectural Range

  • Line Array

  • Pendant Speakers

  • Surface Mount Speakers

  • Column Speakers

  • SoundBars

Ceiling & In-Wall Loud Speakers

JBL Professional ceiling and in-wall speakers by design provide an unobtrusive visual while providing exceptional sound.

  • CS Series Loud Speakers
  • 8100 Series
  • CSS Commercial Series Speakers
  • Control 10 Series
  • Control 40 Series
  • Control Contractor Series
  • Control 200 Series – Medium-Format Ceiling Speakers
  • Control 300 Series – Large-Format Ceiling Speakers
  • LCT Lay-In Tile Speaker

Line array

JBL Professional Line Array audio system packages deliver the power, control and clarity of any line array system on the market.

  • VLA Series
  • VLA Compact Series

Pendant Speakers

JBL Professional Pendant loudspeakers bring renowned JBL sound and outstanding coverage to rooms and venues with open architecture or high-ceilings, while providing superior voice and musical clarity for rooms with difficult acoustics.

  • Control Contractor 60 Series

JBL Pro Superiority

The Benefit of Using Speaker Tunings for Commercial Speakers

Download now for everything you need to know about speaker tunings.

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Permanent Installation Loudspeakers

Incorporating the latest loudspeaker technology JBL Professional has a wide selection of models with high performance features, reliability, and a systems approach.

AE Series:

  • AM7212/64 /66 /95 /00 /26
  • AM7215/64 /66 /95 /26
  • AM5212/64 /66 /95 /00 /26
  • AM5215/64 /66 /95 /26
  • AM7315/64 /95
  • AM7200/64 /95
  • AL7115
  • ASB6112
  • ASB6115
  • ASB6125
  • ASB7118
  • ASB7128
  • ASB6118
  • ASB6128
  • ASH6118

Column Speakers

JBL Professional CBT Series are designed for venues that would typically use larger point-and-shoot speakers, the CBT models incorporate technical advancements that allow them to vastly outperform competitive systems, with a level of user-friendliness that virtually eliminates the challenges of delivering great sound.

  • CBT 50LA-1
  • CBT 50LA-LS
  • CBT 100LA-1
  • CBT 100LA-LS
  • CBT 70J-1
  • CBT 1000
  • CBT 200LA-1



The JBL Professional SoundBar PSB-1 is a cost-effective, commercial-grade active soundbar that reduces the crossover of noise to other rooms which makes it the perfect choice for Hotels. Guests can enjoy the world class sound that only JBL speakers produce, while not disturbing other hotel guests.

No need for a separate subwoofer, lockout plate to prevent tampering and The JBL IR Learning feature ensures the SoundBar is compatible with both fixed volume and variable volume control schemes.

Download Spec Sheet (PDF)

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