Simple integration and data flow

Mezzo by avt integrates Syllabus Plus timetables with University room booking panels. This simplifies room navigation and enables staff and students to make ad-hoc room bookings for free spaces directly from the booking panel or their email client.

See the diagram below to understand the integrated Mezzo data flow.

Easily find and use available spaces

The visibility created through Mezzo enables students and University staff to easily find their scheduled space, or identify and book an available space for ad-hoc use.

Connects to standard software

Mezzo connects directly to standard Syllabus Plus software and Office 365; common University software platforms.

Assured data integrity

One-way read-only synchronisation of data from Syllabus Plus to Office 365, ensuring the Syllabus Plus timetable always takes precedence over ad-hoc bookings, and cannot be modified.

Mezzo leverages the University's common software platforms, and connects directly to standard Syllabus Plus software and Office 365 or on premise Exchange.

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