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Simplifying meeting room scheduling and management like never before

Track your meeting room usage by providing real-time people count functionality reflecting accurate meeting space occupancy across calendars and room booking panels, enabling improved space management – automatically with no touch required.


Giving visibility to meeting spaces

MezzoCast by avt leverages the real-time people count video analytics of the PanaCast panoramic camera system, providing real-time occupancy updates to a meeting room’s Microsoft Exchange or Office365 calendar and Acendo Book scheduling panel, to accurately reflect room occupancy – automatically and with no interaction required by the users of the room.

Key benefits:

  • Automatically maximise scheduled room usage by releasing booked rooms that are unoccupied.
  • Automatically manage unscheduled room usage by creating ad-hoc room bookings as users walk into the room.
  • Automatically extend meetings that run over time if the room is free.
  • Accurate, real-time visibility of room occupancy across Microsoft Exchange or Office365 calendars and Acendo Book scheduling panel.
  • Monitor and manage the occupancy of meeting spaces effectively to maximise real estate return and time management.

The MezzoCast System gives you a real-time indication of meeting room availability straight from your desk via your outlook calendar not just available to view on the room booking panels, providing clear visibility on the usage of your meeting spaces.

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Automatic and Seamless

With the accurate people count information in your meeting spaces, this enables automatically releasing meeting rooms which were previously booked if the attendees don’t show up for the meeting, allowing the space to be rebooked by other meeting goers. Unscheduled add hoc meetings can now be seamlessly managed and in real time by simply walking into the room. Automatically extend your meeting that runs over time or ends and release the room if the meeting ends early.


No touch needed

MezzoCast is a no touch system providing a fully automated meeting experience. No need to check in or out of your meeting by touching the booking panel. Utilising the PanaCast camera system and MezzoCast’s connection to Office365 all updates are done with no human touch required.


Smarter meeting room management

MezzoCast provides data to monitor and manage meeting room real estate & usage efficiently, providing you with qualified meeting room space data capturing room occupancy – counted in real time. Have meetings and collaborate at any time, producing efficient meeting time management & streamlining the ad-hoc meeting experience.


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