Tablet or Monitor? What’s the difference?

With so many options, how do you know you are selecting the correct touch solution for your business? Mimo Tablets are self-contained commercial grade tablets that run an Android operating system. The perfect solution for user interfaces and in room software control solutions such as Utelogy and digital signage applications.Mimo Monitors are both touch, and non-touch displays that can be connected to an existing device such as a PC. These are ideal for applications in hospitality, transport, entertainment, I.T, medical, POS and many more.

A Seamless Solution for any Space

Mimo Monitors
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Mimo Monitors

Vivid displays and premium quality that is built to last, Mimo Monitors are designed with durability, performance and user-friendliness in mind, offering touch and non-touch display solutions for a myriad of applications.


Simple & Beautifully Engineered

With single USB connection powerful for video, touch and power capability, Mimo USB Monitors eliminate the complexity of multiple cables. Optional tilt desktop base and a variety of mounting choices make Mimo Monitors suitable for a broad range of applications from hospitality, to entertainment, IT, medical and transportation. A flexible and customised solution designed to fit many applications.


World-Class Design

Modern zero bezel, minimalistic design and compact form factor, Mimo Monitors are highly resilient, responsive and convenient devices suitable for any environment. Built in a variety of configurations, the touchscreens offer a brilliant display solution in high resolution and premium quality. All Mimo Monitors carry a three-year full parts and labour warranty.

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