Tablet or Monitor? What’s the difference?

With so many options, how do you know you are selecting the correct touch solution for your business? Mimo Tablets are self-contained commercial grade tablets that run an Android operating system. The perfect solution for user interfaces and in room software control solutions such as Utelogy and digital signage applications.Mimo Monitors are both touch, and non-touch displays that can be connected to an existing device such as a PC. These are ideal for applications in hospitality, transport, entertainment, I.T, medical, POS and many more.

A Seamless Solution for any Space

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Mimo Tablets

Mimo Tablets deliver a fast, reliable experience without the expensive price tag. Carefully engineered for maximum performance, user-friendliness and sheer simplicity, Mimo tablets are the perfect fit for any environment.


Flexible For Any Environment

Designed to suit any application with rear mounting and a protected SD card system. These tablets can be easily and safely mounted on or in a wall, delivering great flexibility to any environment.Use the built-in WI-FI and optional Power over Ethernet to eliminate the complexity of multiple cables, providing the flexibility to position the tablet anywhere. The perfect fit for simplified meeting room user interfaces and digital signage applications.


The Complete Package

Designed to bring state-of-the-art hardware and software together, Mimo integrates with all standards-based hardware and software platforms including The Utelogy Software Defined Control Platform, Tripleplay Digital Signage, generic PCs, Set Top Boxes and digital signage players. Mimo tablets can deliver a flexible and powerful user interface solution, streamlining workflow and delivering a seamless user experience.



With a large range of accessories, Mimo Tablets are more than just a simple user interface. Gain greater control over employee access, data capture or guest registration via the Barcode and QR reader interfaces. Or deliver high impact digital signage, complete with user interaction in a stylish and compact interface. Mimo Tablets can also be integrated with many room scheduling and booking systems leveraging the optional red/ green/ yellow side-view LED indicators.


World-Class Design

Designed with a solutions-first approach, Mimo tablets are cost effective displays that drive innovation and provide a seamless experience for digital signage, conference rooms, kiosks, point of purchase, point of sale, hospitality, retail, and more.Including features such as VESA mounting, SD card protection system, tempered glass multi-touch display, stereo audio output, and robust enclosures, Mimo Tablets are built to last in 24/7 applications and carry a three-year full parts and labour warranty.


Built In BrightSign

Designed exclusively for digital signage, built in BrightSign capability on selected Mimo Tablet models is compatible with all BrightSign software, services and supported CMS solutions, transforming Mimo Tablets into powerful digital signage interfaces.

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