avt Announces the Future of Unified AV Solutions

September 29, 2017

Software Defined Audio Visual (SDAV) leverages software to connect a manufacturer-agnostic network of Audio-Visual (AV) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices through ubiquitous networks to enable agile, flexible and scalable management and operation of a unified AV system.

A leader in Software Defined Audio Visual, Utelogy Corporation, has appointed avt to exclusively represent our innovative pure software solutions for control, scheduling, monitoring and management of AV and IoT systems in Australian and New Zealand.

“Australia and New Zealand have always been early-adopters of new technology and methodologies”, said avt CEO Graham Evans. “We are delighted to bring Utelogy’s innovative platform to our end-user, consultant and integrator partners.”

“We know that when teamed with the avt world-class engagement and support they already enjoy, our partners will immediately see the value Utelogy Software Defined AV brings to the modern enterprise where AV is both ubiquitous and mission-critical”, added Evans.

Utelogy Co-founder and CEO Frank Pellkofer said, “We have just launched our next generation platform that incorporates everything we have learned from eight years and hundreds of successful deployments of Utelogy across the USA and Europe so timing couldn’t be better to bring Utelogy to Australia and New Zealand.”

“We are delighted to be partnering with avt as the recognised industry leader and look forward to working with avt and their partners to redefine how AV fleets are deployed, scaled and managed, and to delight the users of our platform.”

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