The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) take the honour of being our first major SVSi by AMX installation in Australia.

David King, Manager of Audiovisual Services was tasked with building a number of flexible learning spaces over the Christmas break and chose to abandon the traditional hardware switching model in favour of a network-based content delivery mechanism. Working closely with Bob Sharp from SVSi last year, David refined the design around N-2000 (JPEG-2000) encoders and decoders and pressed the ‘go’ button.

In a fairly compressed timeframe involving two competing integrators working in parallel (interesting story in itself!), David successfully delivered a very impressive group of collaborative rooms just in time for the start of teaching.

The installation is impressive on a number of fronts:
●  The level of engagements with academics – listening to their needs
●  The level of engagement with the IT Network section – this was critical to the success or failure of the AV-over-IP concept. In fact David had a network engineer seconded into his team for the project.
●  Project management – David had a clear vision of the outcome and maintained very tight control to ensure there were no deviations or unacceptable compromises. Engaging two integrators was a radical move, but David foresaw a resourcing problem with a single integrator and elected to address it proactively. Very clever move.
●  User Interface design – a lot of thought and consultation with users resulted in a clean, intuitive UI. It was not left to an integrator; USQ retained control of how the touch panel behaved.

In early March (actually day 2 of semester) while Bob Sharp and Michael Peveler (VP Global Education) were in the country, we did a site visit to see the installation in operation. We were fortunate to be able to get into one empty room – all the others were in use and David told us utilisation and bookings are very close to 100%. A good sign.

B3 B2L-R: Phil Dunn, Michael Peveler (AMX HQ) b7B1b5Graham Barrett, David King, Bob Sharp (SVSi), Marc Braganca (ProAV)