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Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

March 26, 2019

Like so many others, I have been a fan of Simon Sinek since he took the world by storm with his compelling and record-setting, ‘Start with Why’ TED Talk. I had the privilege of seeing Simon and Peter Docker at the ‘Start with Why’ Leadership forum in Sydney, March 2017.

My sons both know my reading taste and regularly treat me with business and leadership books, so I was thrilled to recently receive ‘Leaders Eat Last’ from them.

Simon’s extensive research and story-telling style resonates as he draws on diverse leadership insights from the military, banking, retail and manufacturing sectors. He provides data-informed examples of comparison companies who reward short term results versus those who stand the test of time. His shining examples including the US Marines and 3M demonstrate effective leadership by ensuring the people are valued like family and the organisations ‘circle of safety’ is prioritised and team collaboration highly valued.

Each example, whether a positive or poor reflection on the organisation and the leader in question, is underpinned by evidence from both an anthropology and biological standpoint as to what drives both team collaboration and human behaviour given the particular set of circumstances and environment.

Simon effectively articulates the generational delta from Baby Boomers through to Gen Z, highlighting both past lessons, current status and significant risks of abundance, addiction and imbalance with convincing, credible data. He also brings perspective to the changes in legislation, political and media landscape over the past 50 years and the impact each has had on society.

At avt, we have long valued and recognised our people with ‘family-first’ an authentic and well-worn phrase we live out each day.

‘Leaders Eat Last’ certainly triggered plenty of thoughts, not the least of which is an awareness for how key the social chemicals (Serotonin and Oxytocin) are to ensuring we bring balance to the ever-present Endorphin and Dopamine in our everyday, abundant lives. Now it’s time to put thoughts into action and we will immediately focus on building and protecting our ‘circle of safety’.

GEGraham Evans | CEO



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