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Multipliers By Liz Wiseman with Greg McKeown

February 7, 2017

“Leaders convinced by the logic of multiplication believe that most people in the organisation are underutilised, that effective leadership can leverage enhanced capability; and therefore intelligence and capability can be multiplied without a correlating investment.” – (Wiseman & McKeown)

This resonated with me given the vast number of examples I have experienced in the workplace. I can recount so many instances where a combination of attitude, energy, innovation, enthusiasm, tenacity, passion, native genius, collaboration and competitive spirit truly created a multiplier effect. Individuals and small teams can achieve so much more than their peers and competitors.

Identifying the “secret sauce” at the core of these examples would be extremely powerful and from my perspective where one version of a multiplier algorithm resides.

Multipliers by Liz Wiseman was recommended to our leadership team prior to a strategic planning effort in 2014 by Scott Pyke our Head of Operations. The book contained insights so compelling and aligned with our leadership style, that we were able to quickly apply several initiatives to the people processes within our business.

What is your Native Genius?

Thanks to the insights and tools acquired from Multipliers, this question is now part of our interviewing process. It forms part of our pathways conversation for our team, and has become part of the vernacular at avt.

We undertook to identify the Native Genius of each team member from both their perspective and also through the lens of the leadership team. This significantly aided our structuring of roles and triggered each team member to consider their strongest innate capabilities and review how this aligned with their current role and future pathways in the organisation.

Do you know who the A players are in your organisation? Do you know your B players? What are you doing to attract and develop more A+ players on your team?

A proactive and structured understanding of these elements helps your organisation plan, attract and develop your most valuable asset – your people.

Liz Wiseman addresses two key leadership styles from their research, Multipliers and Diminishers and provides specific detail around the five disciplines of Multipliers:

1. The Talent Magnet: Attract and optimise talent
2. The Liberator: Require people’s best thinking
3. The Challenger: Extend challenges
4. The Debate Maker: Debate discussions
5. The Investor: Instill accountability

“By extracting people’s full capability, Multipliers get twice the capability from people than do Diminishers.” – (Wiseman & McKeown)

Throughout my career, I have encountered my share of Accidental Diminishers. What a rewarding shift it must be for those who with self-awareness and commitment evolve into Multipliers.

GEGraham Evans | CEO



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