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The world’s first 180˚ panoramic plug and play USB camera. If you rely on video collaboration for any part of your business then the PanaCast camera is a must have. You will be up and running within minutes, giving your audience the full picture with a 180˚ field of view made possible by 3 built in high definition cameras. The PanaCast camera gives you a full audio visual solution without the expensive price tag.

Award Winning Panacast 2


Ultra wide 180º Field of View

PanaCast enables your audience to see the full picture with a 180˚ field of view. It allows you to addthe natural human field of view to your meetings and presentations with a simple plug and playdevice.

The 180º wide, 54º tall field of view makes it possible to see an entire meeting space without the use of electro-mechanical PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras. Enabling users to see more clearly than is possible with standard HD cameras.

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3 Cameras, One Picture

The PanaCast camera combines video streams from 3 cameras simultaneously to bring you a truly incredible experience without sacrificing resolution.

Your audience will receive a real time experience with a natural field of view never before received from a single device. With no distortion or lag, they will be left feeling like they were there with you for every element of your presentation.

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Intelligent Zoom

Intelligent Zoom is designed to automatically zoom and pan to cover all the visible faces in the room,enhancing business collaboration. It follows your natural instincts to adjust the field of view in videoand includes all participants in the room.

Intelligent Zoom utilizes face detection technology to detect all visible faces. It maps out the first face from the left and last face to the right of the frame. The mapping system computes the visible face information to compute the minimal zone and adjusts the field of view accordingly, capturing new participants and including all participants in the room.

PanaCast2 – Intelligent Zoom is additional optional licence
PanaCast3 – Intelligent Zoom comes as standard

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Go Mobile with your PanaCast

If collaboration on the run is your thing then grab a PanaCast camera, slip it in your laptop bag and hit the road. The PanaCast camera is a plug and play camera that will give your online audience the full picture no matter where you are. It works with both PC and Macs and being a usb connected camera, there is no need to be travelling with multiple adaptors and extensions.

It is perfect for any business that has multiple office locations national and international. PanaCast enables you to enter a new meeting space and be set up in minutes. Leaving you more time to look for those whiteboard markers that never seem to be around or to introduce everyone in the room to your audience

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PanaCast Loves Your Whiteboard

There is always one in the crowd that cannot help themselves, jumping up to express their thoughts on the whiteboard.

Before the PanaCast camera those not in the room had to wait for a picture to be taken and shared thus losing the valuable collaboration on offer.

PanaCast Whiteboard delivers a simple but mind blowing solution. PanaCast Whiteboard opens a separate screen showing your audience the whiteboard.

The state of the art technology even improves image quality and corrects distortion of the whiteboard image, and presents to their party video conferencing applications as a virtual camera. It may not improve your writing; however, it will increase productivity within the meeting.

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PanaCast Shines a Light on Your Dull Office Space

PanaCast Vivid is a high dynamic range (HDR) technology built on a patented pixel by pixel biomimetic signalprocessing algorithm that mimics how the human eye deals with changes in luminance in the real world.

It autonomously and continuously optimizes the video quality in any lighting condition – particularly
in situations with a high variation/dynamic range in luminance – so participants have the best video
experience possible.

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PanaCast Camera Works with Any Video Conference Software

The plug n play usb PanaCast camera works with whatever meeting collaboration software you use.

The PanaCast camera is simple and inconspicuous. Use it to improve your video collaboration experience with popular apps and services such as Skype® for Business, Skype®, Cisco WebEx®, Citrix® GoToMeeting®, Google® Hangouts™, Facebook®, and more.

Simply plug and play, without the need to download or install any drivers or software to get started. Perfect for any size huddle space or teaching space.

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An Exceptional Audio Experience

The PanaCast does not stop with amazing video. There is state of the art Built in HD Stereo Audio DSP noise cancellation and stereo audio microphones that provide high quality sound capturing, so you never miss a word during your meeting.

Face Detection

Real-time Occupancy Detection and People Count

PanaCast Intelligent Vision can detect occupancy and count people in real-time, even when the camera is not being used for a video conference. Provide your team with live room availability information, track room usage, and automate the room booking workflow to increase room availability and simplify the collaboration experience with mezzoCast.Find out how you can create a truly seamless collaboration experience with zero-touch room booking using mezzoCast.

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PanaCast 2 is still available!

Loved PanaCast 2? It’s not too late to get your hands on one. Contact us to learn how you can see what they say with PanaCast 2.

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Dolce Hayes Mansion has been extremely happy with PanaCast! In the short time since we installed the PanaCast system and created our Video Tech Boardroom, we’ve been able to attract new customers who are looking for a cost-effective way to hold video conferences. We can also offer our existing clients the opportunity to save some money on travel: they can now hold video conferences that bring in entire teams who may not have otherwise been included due to travel budget restrictions.

Geoffrey Sarabia-Mason, Director of Sales and Marketing at Dolce Hayes Mansion, part of Dolce Hotels Group

With PanaCast, we’ve significantly enhanced student engagement. The camera system helps us stay true to one of our core teaching values: having remote students face-to-face with us.

Dr. H. Daniel Zacharias, Director of Distance Learning at Acadia Divinity College

Matson’s business strategy demanded a new, world-class video collaboration platform. PanaCast’s superior quality has translated into real savings for Matson’s IT organization, both in reducing travel costs and in eliminating legacy video platforms. There is a hard ROI case here that all CIOs should examine.

Peter Weis, Chief Information Officer at Matson Navigation

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