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What’s the difference between PanaCast 3 and PanaCast 2?

PanaCast 3 includes all the great features of PanaCast 2, made even better! Some of the key new benefits are as following:

  • New Slimmer Design
  • Integrated Adjustable Monitor Mount
  • Plug-and-play USB-C connectivity
  • Improved Microphone Performance due to the improved stereo separation
  • Next Generation Stitching Capabilities, cutting the minimum stitching distance in half, doubling the zoom capability and increasing the native capture resolution by 300%, delivering crystal clear video over 180º field of view at Panoramic-4K resolution.
What video conferencing applications does PanaCast work with?

PanaCast works with all meeting collaboration software and apps such as Skype® for Business, Zoom®, Skype®, Cisco WebEx®, Citrix® GoToMeeting®, Google® Hangouts™, Facebook®, and more.

Do I need an annual software license?

You do not need an annual software licence to use the basic features of PanaCast, PanaCast Intelligent Zoom and PanaCast Vivid license. However, if you wish to use the PanaCast Whiteboard features there is a license you will need to purchase separately. The PanaCast Intelligent Zoom and PanaCast Vivid license is a lifetime subscription, whereas the PanaCast Whiteboard license is an annual subscription.

What accessories come with my PanaCast?

Your PanaCast comes with power supply and power cable, USB 2 or 3 compatible cable and either a table stand, or wall mount.

What colour options are available?

PanaCast 2 is available in silver or black. PanaCast 3 is only available in black.

Do I need a separate microphone?

No, you do not need a separate microphone. PanaCast has a built in HD Stereo Audio DSP noise cancellation and stereo audio microphones.

Do I need a separate power supply?

PanaCast can work off the USB power from a laptop (and also with 3rd party USB cables), but some laptops are unable to provide enough power. For reliable use with all computers install the included power supply and power cable to power the PanaCast separately.

Does Panacast work with a Mac?

PanaCast 2 is USB 2 or 3 compatible and PanaCast 3 is USB C compatible. Therefore both cameras can work with any device that supports USB2, 3 or C depending on the model purchased, including PC’s, Laptops, MacBook’s, Notebooks etc.

Can I get a longer USB cable?

PanaCast is a 4K resolution camera, as the USB is powering the camera the USB cable is restricted to 1m. However, should you wish to mount the PanaCast and power the camera independently you are able to extend the length of the USB cable.

Can I reduce the 180’C viewing angle if there are only two people in the room?

By using facial detection technology, PanaCast’s Intelligent Zoom feature automatically zooms and pans to only cover the visible people in the room. However, the field of view can also be set within the PanaCast Utility application.

Can the PanaCast 2 be table-mounted?

The aluminium table stand is 10.8 inches tall with a 5º adjustable tilt at the top allowing you to place the PanaCast 2 behind your laptop using the table stand. The PanaCast 2 stands higher than a typical laptop screen for an unrestricted view of participants.

Can the PanaCast 2 be wall-mounted?

The standard wall mount is simple and compact for easy installation. With PanaCast 2, the total depth will not exceed 4 inches.

Can the PanaCast 2 be mounted to a monitor?

PanaCast 2 has a monitor mounting option, which sits on top of a monitor and comes with adhesives and Allen wrench key.

Does the PanaCast 2 have an adjustable wall mount?

PanaCast 2 also has an adjustable wall mounting option. The Adjustable Wall Mount can be adjusted 6 – 8 inches from the mounting point.

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