Need more Space? – Check out your video camera options!

Use our Floor-space Calculator to see how much you can save with the right camera.

How to use the floor-space calculator

  1. Select your preferred units in the top right of the graphic
  2. Select the city your office is located
  3. Enter the number of video rooms you’re planning
  4. Drag the slider from left to right and see how much space and rent you can save as the camera’s field-of-view gets wider.

Save Space with PanaCast

On average the camera-to-table distance leads to an area of dead space of approximately 3.75 sqm. When factoring in rent and rates for office floor-space, this area of dead space becomes expensive. If in Melbourne, that number would be $370 per sqm, or approximately $1,387 per room, per year in wasted rent. If deploying a number of rooms, in the space needed for three rooms using a PTZ camera, you could accommodate four rooms using PanaCast.

PanaCast’s ability to take 3 pictures and stitch them together in real time provides a coverage of 180 degrees. This reduces the camera-to-table distance to zero, while still including everyone in the shot. The result is a high quality and natural-looking view with everyone in the room clearly visible.

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