Resource Management Suite (RMS)

Smarter Software helping you manage and maintain your AV across your entire organisation.

What Is RMS?
What Is RMS?
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Centralise The AV Support Desk.

Resource Management Suite (RMS) is software that allows you to Control and Monitor all of the AV equipment across your organisation from a single, remote IT support desk. There will be no more time wasted on call-outs for IT personnel or confusion with AV issues in your meeting rooms.

Proactive Management.

Discover and Respond to AV technology issues as soon as they arise with instant alerts. Save time by proactively managing your AV equipment and resolving issues before they become a problem.

  • Remote monitoring
  • Mass deploy firmware updates
  • Integrated into your IT Help desk
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Continuous Monitoring.

Stay connected to your AV fleet around the clock with continuous monitoring from your central IT support desk. RMS can even automatically react to issues with a set of configurable responses; saving you time and giving you peace of mind.

  • Fault tracking & identification
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Strategic Planning.

Manage and Plan your AV investments and space optimisation with real-time data. Plan strategically for your future with a better understanding of how and what your organisation is using.

Which RMS solution is right for your business?

RMS is deployed in two ways, with a Server or Service option. We can help you choose.

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