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Important Tip for SVSi Systems Using N1000 & Windowing Processor Devices

August 8, 2016

The N1000 Minimal Proprietary Compression (MPC) AV over IP Series belongs to the SVSI product family from AMX. These products provide 1080p HD Video over IP with PoE support. They feature improved digital pixel reproduction and reduce latency to an industry leading 10-ms for gigabit links. This series provides an affordable local AV over IP switching solution that packetizes video into a minimally-compressed IP format to create anywhere (from a small 2×1 seamless presentation switcher up to a large 32×32 matrix switcher) by connecting them directly to off-the-shelf layer-3 network switches.
So here’s something you need to be aware of when using N1000 series devices with a Windowing Processor.


Why won’t my N1000 series encoders stream to a N2510/3510 Windowing processor?


When using your Windowing Processor with N1000 series hardware, there is a few things you need to consider:

• The streams coming in from the encoder side to the N2150 can be a resolution NO higher than 720p (1280×720).

• The N2150/3150 require all Static IP’s be populated for ports U0-U3.

• The N1000 Minimal Proprietary Compression (MPC) must be Unchecked in the advance setting page of the N1000 device. (note:- this will increase overall bandwidth).

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