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Introduce yourself to the DGX 100 Series

March 2, 2016

So you’ve just heard you are about to install and configure one of the new Enova DGX 100 Series systems (DGX-800, DGX-1600, DGX-3200 or DGX-6400) but you haven’t seen one before? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

There many new and exciting features wrapped up in these units that will help you deploy, configure & troubleshoot your installation as well as delivering extra benefits to your customers. The following videos include upgrading an existing DGX system to navigating around the new featured packed web interface.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR PROGRAMMERS: Please be aware that the new DGX 100 Series systems now fall in line with the switching methods for controlling DVX, DXLink & Solecis switches. This means instead of using port 2 of the switcher device (5002:2:0) to send switch commands on an older DGX, you now send switch commands to device 5002:1:0 on a DGX 100 series. The syntax for supported commands has also changed to ensure uniformity across our switcher range. For more information about the supported commands, please check out the DGX 100 Series Hardware Reference Manual.

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