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Programming Massio ControlPads in Netlinx Studio

March 2, 2016

You may have picked up the news that Massio MCP-106 and MCP-108 ControlPads can now be programmed in Netlinx Studio. They do, after all, use a Netlinx NX processor at their core.

However, there are limitations you need to be aware of! One which could catch a few programmers out is the lack of any non-volatile memory. That’s right, there is NO non-volatile memory on-board.


So if your code relies on NON_VOLATILE or PERSISTENT variables for storing data that’s not lost during a reboot, you’ll need to either redesign your code to store your ‘fixed data’ in a file; or use an NX-1200 with an MKP-10x ‘dumb’ keypad.

The latter will achieve the same UI and desired behaviour but without the non-volatile memory limitation. Albeit at higher cost and with two devices instead of one.

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