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Recent Updates to Security On AMX Master Controllers

March 2, 2016

You may have seen a number of firmware releases recently for AMX Master Controllers. AMX by Harman constantly review security schemes as Part of ongoing firmware maintenance projects to ensure our systems remain current with IT trends.

So to help you decipher the minefield of firmware versions for the various types of AMX Masters, here’s a chart showing the current recommended firmware versions for each model.

AMX Security

Operational Considerations

In the NX series central controllers the upgrade from v1.3.x or prior firmware to the patched v1.4.x the security configurations have changed and will need to be configured.  The upgrade will delete the user database and will need to be re-entered with the new security schema as shown under “Security – Roles” and “Security – Users” starting on page 46 of  NX-Series Controllers – WebConsole & Programming Guide

If multiple systems with the same users are being deployed, the user database can be backed up from a correctly configured NX central controller and then restored to other NX central controllers via the “setup security / backup database and Restore Database from backup” commands as documented on page 109 of NX-Series Controllers – WebConsole & Programming Guide

NX version 1.4 does not support the ability to view and manage the details of attached devices including module-supported third-party devices through the web UI. A release of NX firmware is scheduled for April 2016 for addition of legacy functionality previously provided by Manage Devices – Options.

Modero G4/G5 Dynamic Images do not display with security enabled. The G4 workaround will either be not to use dynamic images or to adjust security settings. The issue is resolved for Modero G5 with a firmware release due in March 2016.

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