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Redmere™ Technology: Driving your presentation in the right direction!

July 6, 2016

AMX distribute a range of ultra-thin high-speed HDMI and DisplayPort cables available both as standalone products and incorporated into the HydraPort retractable units. These cables are smaller, lighter and more flexible than your average cables thanks to Redmere™ technology.

Redmere™ technology utilises tiny integrated circuits (ICs) that boost and equalize digital signals allowing the cables to be longer and thinner than conventional passive cables. The IC is mounted in the receiver-end connector and powered by harvesting a bit of power directly from the source device.

One important characteristic of these cables to be aware of is they are UNIDIRECTIONAL. This means the video signal can only travel in one specified direction. The ‘source’ end of the cable must be connected to a source device and the specified ‘display’ end of the cable must be connected to the display or downstream device.

NOTE: There is no issue or damage caused by connecting these cables in the reverse direction – the cable will simply not transmit a signal and no image will be displayed.

So if you are using an AMX HDMI or DisplayPort Cable (including the HydraPort retractable cables) and you are not getting any video signal, double check the cable is connected in the right direction.

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