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Solving problems with your RMS Scheduling Integration

March 2, 2016

There certainly can be some challenges with getting software applications to play nicely with each other these days. Intergrating RMS Enterprise with other scheduling applications such as Exchange is no different.

The Microsoft Exchange Server Diagnostic Tool is a handy little program that is installed with RMS which allows you to test the connection to Microsoft Exchange and see which room calendars the RMS service account has access to. One of the main reasons Calendar appointments are not appearing on AMX touch panels is because the RMS service account does not have the correct privelages or permissions to access the calendars.

rms picc

After running the tool you will see the room calendars that RMS has access to. If you see an issue with the room you are troubleshooting, check the configuration in the RMS Scheduling server application and check that the RMS service account does have enough permissions to access, create and delete appointments for that room.

The default location for this tool on the RMS server is:
C:\Program Files x86\AMX\Resource Management Suite\Scheduler\Plugin

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