Utelogy is an enterprise grade AV platform that enables Control, Analytics, Management, and User Interaction for your connected devices


Liberate your enterprise

Utelogy is a software-defined platform that enables users to connect all their AV devices like presentation switchers, audio transport, displays, microphones, VC cameras, and projectors, irrelevant of manufacturer to an on-premise or cloud server.

This enables users to efficiently control, monitor, manage, analyse and support those devices in their teaching and meeting spaces in a way that has never been possible before.

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Agility to scale when you need it

Based on configuration rather than bespoke programming, with Utelogy, users can configure room control in minutes rather than hours, allowing AV and IT departments to respond to the changing user requirements with ease and speed to scale.

With a unique ‘cloning’ feature, any room configuration can simply be cloned within minutes for large-scale deployments.

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Planning for the future

The core of Utelogy provides a key set of tools that allow you to understand in real-time how your assets are performing.

With real data AV and IT managers are finally able to make future investment decisions based on how their existing technology is performing, and how customers are using it.

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What customers have been saying

“Utelogy’s solution gave us the freedom to expand, make changes, and manage the systems with ease.”Chris Helgren, Chief,Sonoma County Office of Emergency Services

“It allows us to deliver better utilization of classroom real estate and understand how many students are served by that technology.”Jorge Mata, CIOLos Angeles Community College District

“Now we can troubleshoot and fix remotely and dispatch a tech only if we need to.”Rich Avila, Director of Classroom Technology

“The ROI is compelling! This solution has saved us over $3.5M and we are in complete control of our 300 rooms.”Russ Bowden, Director Media ServicesSanta Rosa Junior College



Consistent user interface drives AV adoption

Interaction with technology can be incredibly complex and frustrating. Utelogy focuses on making these interactions intuitive and enjoyable for users in our spaces.

Through a robust built-in offering of in-room controls, status displays and automated actions to an extensible tool set of SDKs and APIs, Utelogy enables you to craft the ideal experience for your users that is consistent across all your UI devices, locally and globally.

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Smarter decision making with accurate data

Utelogy tracks the important data points in your environment so that you can evaluate the data to provide deep insights into how your investments are being utilised.

From built-in insights to full API access, you have full control over your data.

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Real-time support minimises technology disruption

Utelogy enables integrated remote support for personnel via chat.

It is designed to provide global, round-the-clock support from Help Desk staff that are technology experts who can trouble-shoot any problem in real-time.

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Awards and recognition


Utelogy is a software and can be consumed in a variety of ways to suit your business requirements.

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